It's Year 2011, Why Aren't People More Open-minded?

| 2 min read

On a cold windy day, we are comfortably sitting in our chairs beside the fireplace, holding a mug full of hot tasty latte. We are slowly and calmly sipping on our coffee, imagining that things could be far worse outside of our safe and warm house.

Exactly how do we know that things could be far worse? We don’t, because we are too comfortable and too familiar with what we currently have.

Being happy with where you are is one thing, being ignorant is another.

Inventions and innovations aren’t born out of happiness, they are born out of frustration, anger and sometimes, curiosity.

Being open-minded about how things work, in my opinion is one of the key attributes an entrepreneur should have.

All decisions come with implications and consequences, to dismiss an alternative approach, or worse, to not have any alternative approaches at all because of ignorance is often one of the first signs of failure.

Successes are built on many failures, there is no doubt about that. However, failures should be the outcome of experimentation rather than ignorance.

Frustrations and concerns arise when businesses make decisions (or should I say, mistakes) because the decision makers are close-minded - whether it’s a decision about choosing a piece of technology, or it’s a decision about sticking to a fixed launch date.

Blindly following some rare exceptions such as Apple and 37signals is probably not going to work for most of us.

But heck, what do I know, I am just a web developer, right?

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