About Persumi

Persumi is a content creation and consumption platform created in 2023 by software engineer, designer, executive and entrepreneur Fred Wu.

Persumi is operating under Wuit Pty Ltd, a private company registered in Australia (ACN 657 919 447).

Why Persumi?

We all have multiple talents, interests and passions, but often times we are shoehorned into a two-dimensional identity on social media.

Persumi is a platform that allows you to express yourself via personas, which are a collection of “expressions” (think of them like widgets) that describe who you are and what you care about.

Unlike many other social media platforms, Persumi is designed and optimised for users and content, rather than advertisers and investors. We treat you as a valued community member, not a product.

By incorporating nifty AI technologies, we are able to provide you with a much more satisfying writing, reading and content discovery experience you control.

We strive to build and support Persumi via a sustainable business model - by introducing unobtrusive ads, paid subscriptions and other premium functionalities over time.

If you are curious, read our founder’s blog post on starting Persumi.

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