Persumi vs Blogs

A typical blog requires technical skills to set up, it would give you the most flexibility if you are willing to spend the time and energy on setting up everything yourself. Having said that, a blog is an isolated experience therefore you lose the social and content discovery aspects of things.

Persumi on the other hand, not only makes blogging super easy, with added benefits of AI assisted features, it also allows you to connect, discover and curate content.

Here's a table of feature comparisons, looks totally unbiased.

persumi blogs wordpress medium substack facebook twitter reddit mastodon patreon linkedin tinder
Long-form content
Short-form content
AI audio form
AI writing assist
RSS feeds
Ad revenue share*
For Career*
For Love*
Non VC-backed

* Not yet available, these features are being developed and will be released once we have built up a larger community. We show these upcoming features to give you a sense of our product ambition and direction.