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@fredwu 10 months ago (updated 9 months ago) | 6 min read | 3 comments
Like many software engineers and indie hackers, I dream of and experiment with different product ideas every now and then. Five years ago, in 2018, I toyed with an idea where personas and expressions are the enablers for showcasing people's talents and interests. I called it, Persumi. The Origin The original idea was to break the pattern of modern day social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where every person is hidden behind a two-dimensional facade. Words and photos are...
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In 2010 I set up this blog on Tumblr mostly due to the ease of publishing and not having to worry about the hosting. I also went through two design iterations done in Photoshop: [] You can probably tell that these designs were done before the flat and minimalist design trend we are seeing in recent years. As I decided to revamp my blog once again, I thought I'd use Sketch this time around and aim for a simpler, cleaner and more mature design approach that's quicker to design and to build. And ...
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After four days of sketching, designing and cutting up HTML/CSS, the new design (as you are seeing now) is finally live! The new design is structurally similar to the old design, but with a fresh header and better use of space. [] A new year warrants a fresh start. Apart from the redesign, I have also started heading up the development effort at SitePoint - dozens of interesting and challenging projects ahead! [] 2012 will be an awesome year! :)