#whatdatingislike What Dating Is Like

| 2 min read

Dating girls is like calling a callback function without knowing the accepted arguments. Random exceptions would throw right in your face.

Dating girls is like running prerelease ruby gems. Things might not be compatible, there might be memory leaks and other weirdnesses.

Dating girls is like reading a tutorial in a foreign language. You think you got it, but you don’t.

Dating girls is like using a ruby class with lots of mixins. You’re looking right at a class method, but you don’t know where it comes from.

Dating girls is like running rails on Webrick. It works, for the most part, but you don’t know when it will fall into pieces.

Dating girls is like using Zend Server for PHP - it might have impressive features, but it’s expensive and the shit still runs on Apache!!

Dating girls is like using CakePHP. It might look like Rails, but it’s not, unless you’re happy with seeing arrays everywhere.

Dating girls is like running production PHP sites on IIS. Sometimes you wonder, why bother?

Dating girls is like writing a Capistrano recipe, you don’t know what it’s going to happen until you run it.

Dating girls is like buying an iPhone 4. You know it has flaws, but you are gonna buy it anyway.

Dating girls is like coding in Obj-C. It’s hot right now, but you wonder how long is it going to last?

Dating is like using Zend Framework. It looks so impressive from distance, then when you actually started using it…

Dating girls is like making a huge deployment. As confident as you are, you still need to cross fingers!

Dating girls is like developing for Wordpress. It looks so pretty on the surface, but the roots are broken beyond repair.

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