[Rails] Use HAML templates with Devise

| 1 min read

If you are a Rails developers, chances are you have heard of, or are using either Devise or HAML in your projects.

And if you’re like me who uses both, then surely you’d wish these two worked together, i.e. generate devise views in HAML.

Today is your lucky day! I’ve just committed some changes that enable you to do so! The changes are already merged back to the primary repository.

In order to generate HAML views instead of ERb views, simply do:

rails g devise_views -t=haml

You can use the master branch of Devise, i.e. in your Gemfile:

gem "devise", :git => "git://github.com/plataformatec/devise.git"

You will also need the edge version of HAML, as the stable versions do not parse ruby code correctly.

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