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After having soft launched Persumi in 2023, I quickly found myself wanting to explore better ways to promote the product. Unfortunately, most of digital marketing products are focused on three main areas:

  1. Keyword bidding, e.g. Google Ads or Facebook Ads
  2. Cold outreach, e.g. Apollo
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

They each has its own pros and cons. As an indie developer without a huge budget, none of these tools work effectively.

The Challenges

Keyword bidding and targeted ads are expensive

Bidding wars drive up the cost of targeted ads, sometimes so significantly they price out many small businesses.

Users are increasingly using adblockers, making targeted ads ineffective.

Cold outreach are rarely answered

Highly sought-after leads are bombarded with cold emails every day, making the tactic ineffective.

Most cold emails end up in users’ spam bin, never to be seen again.

Search Engine Optimisation is a lost cause

SEO’ed content are being produced hastily, making them low quality and untrustworthy.

Sophisticated users have learnt to ignore highly SEO’ed content from untrusted sources.

The Epiphany

Reflecting on my own behaviour in choosing a product or service, I realised that over the years I have developed a good sensory to weed out the noise. Namely, I am very skeptical with highly ranked websites, I always use an adblocker (uBlock) to block annoying ads, and both my personal and work email inboxes are overflowed with cold emails I never read them.

So how do I do research, say when I’m buying a new TV, or subscribing to a new software package? I read user reviews. And not just questionable reviews on Amazon or review sites, but on Reddit, where (mostly) real users discuss and review products and services.

Of course, like any other place, Reddit can be filled with bots and fake content too. However, in my experience these are easily distinguishable, especially paired with content’s upvotes and user’s post history. With Reddit’s popularity, this makes it a highly desirable place for people to both look for answers, as well as to provide answers.

So I asked myself, what if there was a smart lead generation tool to help me promote my product on Reddit? What should the tool be capable of?

The Solution

In order to really stand out, and provide tangible value, I’ve focused on the following areas for the lead gen tool.

Warm leads over cold leads

By searching for and engaging with relevant content, the leads the tool finds for you are warm and targeted.

Many of the leads are already highly ranked on search engines, further boosting the content’s reach.

Personalised and public

Content the tool produces for the user are context-aware and personalised, making them highly relevant and trustworthy.

Even better, the content are made available publicly, boosting the user’s reputation and reach even further over time.

Infinite scale at a fixed cost

The tool finds leads and suggest responses for the user 24/7 non-stop, at a fraction of the usual marketing costs.

The pricing is fixed and transparent, so the user can scale their business without worrying about blowing the budget.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, I want a lead generation tool that really provides value to not only its user (the marketer), but its user’s users (the target audience). Instead of focusing on selling, it should focus on helping people. This is where comes in.

How Works

With, machine learning is put to good use. It’s not just another AI wrapper, it actually leverages many of the latest AI innovation to really take lead generation to the next level.

Smart search widens the search radius to find the most relevant or highly ranked content for the user. It may find leads a simple Google search couldn’t. Behind the scenes, keywords are expanded and multiple search queries are submitted to search engines.

Continuous monitor continuously monitors the social media platforms (Reddit to start off with) to find new leads 24/7, delivering them right to the user’s inbox. Whether they are highly ranked popular posts or the latest post in a particular subreddit, is able to quickly deliver them to the inbox without fuss.

Leads inbox, as simple as Gmail

Leads are automatically sent to the user’s inbox, where they can review and decide whether to engage with them. It’s as simple as using email.

“Rizz Score”

As mentioned earlier, the tools should focus on helping people, rather than hard selling. To make it easier for the user, calculates a score based on how relevant, helpful and spammy the generated or user edited response is. This ensures it always publishes high quality content for the target audience, making it a win-win.

Self-Learning AI

Last but not least, by using state of the art AI technologies that adapts to the users, is able to help them automate and scale their lead generation and reputation building with ease.

Taking It For a Spin

As soon as I’ve deployed to production, I started using it to promote Persumi and dare I say I am very happy and impressed with its results. Not only does it find relevant leads right away, it drafts up responses that are super helpful and relevant to the OP’s questions or posts, and is very subtle in pushing the “promotion” agenda. I know a lot of subreddits shun or outright ban self-promotion, so it’s extremely important to have helpful posts.

If you are looking for an affordable way to promote your product, service, event or anything really, please give a try. It comes with 7 days of free trial and 30 days of no-question-asked money back guarantee. For a limited time, you can also get 50% off for six months using the coupon code LAUNCH2024.

Happy lead generation and growth hacking everyone!

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@oivoodoo Hey thanks for reporting this issue, I’ll investigate!

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it looks like registration flow is broken in Rizz.

Tried to sign in password less and then switched to register. it said me that the profile exists, I requested to change the password and then changed it.

when I tried to sign in, the backend expects that the profile was confirmed but I didn’t get the confirmation email because the profile was created on sign in without the password and didn’t send the confirmation.