Level up your
writing and blogging with AI.

Like Wordpress, but modern, smart and connected.

Organise your content and audience based on personas - showcase your different personalities, skills and interests in one cohesive way.

We turn your words into audio - creating a podcast has never been easier.

Listen to the AI audio version:
Introducing Persumi


  • it represents personas
  • it sounds like "persue me"
  • sumi - a Japanese word for "ink"
Express Yourself with Personas

Showcase your diverse talents and passions through a collection of "expressions" on Persumi.

User-Centric Design

Unlike other social media platforms, Persumi prioritises users and content, creating a valued community experience rather than focusing on advertisers and investors.

Enhanced Experience with AI

Utilising advanced AI technologies, Persumi offers a personalised and satisfying experience for writing, reading, and discovering content.

Sustainable Business Model

Persumi aims to build and support its platform through unobtrusive ads, paid subscriptions, and premium functionalities, ensuring a long-term, sustainable approach.

(Simple yet harmonious) Features
Brought to you by the learnings from decades of social media anti-features and the sheer will to make online presence suck less.

Expressions are the building blocks of personas. Like widgets on your phone screen.


Handy with HTML and CSS? You can make your personas truly unique to show your personality and creativity. Make it your space. ;)

Persona templates

A growing collection of templates to help you express yourself in unique ways.

Long-form content

Remember the good old days of everyone blogging? We are adding some flares to modernise the experience.

Short-form content

Ah, the fast food version of content. We love them and we hate them, but we can't live without them.

RSS & Atom feeds

Subscribe and consume content from your favourite RSS reader and podcast app.

AI text summarisation

Ask AI to provide TL;DRs for your long-form content to aid your reader's experience.

AI audio generation

More and more people prefer to listen to their content while on the go or in the gym. You can even create a podcast with it.

AI writing assistant

Ask the AI assistant for ideas on how to improve your writing. Who knows, perhaps you'll be the next Shakespeare.


Going back to the roots, humans are tribal creatures, let's form communities around our interests.

Direct messaging

Send private messages to your friends and family. Or to your enemies, we don't judge.


A system that allows you, the user, to help shape the Persumi communities and content. Make the like/dislike buttons matter.

Ad revenue share*

We believe having unobtrusive ads is a sustainable way to not only support Persumi, but you, the content creators too.

Paid subscribers*

Welcome to our Patre-wait, premium persona! Where you earn money by providing your subscribers with exclusive content.

Still cooking...

Procuring more ingredients... More features are coming soon.

* Features coming soon...
(Such a bargain) Pricing
Spread the love to get free months of the Pro plan. Totally original guerrilla marketing and social influencing.
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Thou art I... And I am thou... Thou hast established a new bond... Let the game begin!

$0 / month (paid yearly)

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Features include:
  • Unobtrusive ad-supported
  • Expressions
  • Long form content
  • Short form content
  • RSS feeds
  • AI content summarisation
  • AI writing assistant
  • Direct messaging
  • Persona templates
  • Persona and content discovery
  • Unlimited public personas
  • One free unlisted persona
  • Influence on Persumi's product roadmap
  • Decentralisation protocols (coming later)
  • More to come...
Taking it up a notch with pro features to help build and boost your personas.

$12.99 / month (paid yearly)

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Features include:
  • All Free plan features
  • Advanced Expressions
  • AI audio for long form content
  • Advanced AI writing assistant
  • Email updates for followers (coming soon)
  • Priority persona and content discovery
  • Unlimited unlisted personas
  • More influence on Persumi's product roadmap
  • Human support
  • More to come...
Business (Coming Later)
Taking your business to the next level with paid subscribers and direct marketing.

$79.99 / month (paid yearly)

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Features include:
  • All Pro plan features
  • 5 user seats included
  • Hosted files
  • Direct messaging marketing
  • Targeted messaging marketing
  • Custom domain name
  • Analytics
  • More to come...
(Totally legit) Testimonials
I hear a voice, is this the voice of... our AI overload?
(Finally!) Discover
Enough talk, let's take a sneak peak of what Persumi has to offer!