Mind & Body

Mind & Body is my persona representing the ever-evolving state of the "ideal fitness" and the "ideal body". My fitness journey has taught me that as I age, my priorities and the goal posts for my body will change. However, what remains consistent is the need to protect my mind - enter this persona to see how I do that.

It’s Checkin’ Time!~

  • Drink 2L of water
  • Take your multi-vitamins
  • Exercise for 30 mins outside
  • Call someone you love
@maru.milk 9 months ago | 2 min read | 2 comments
Hindsight is such a blessed thing. Should I have had a time-machine to tell myself to keep running track, don't date that person, buy bitcoin; I would have been in such a different space than I am in now. That point in itself is enough to appreciate all the hardship I've been through - whether useless or crucial to my growth as a person. That's where the appreciation for hindsight comes in. Hindsight is such a blessed thing, because it's the current you, using the past you, to create an inform...