Launching Focussist Landing Page - An Upcoming Agile Project Management Tool

| 1 min read
Listen to the audio version:

Over the past few years as I gain more and more experience in not only building software and products but also in leading teams and projects, I realised that my desire of wanting an agile tool that’s super simple to use yet super flexible to adapt to different needs has grown stronger and stronger.

Given the COVID-19 situation that’s going on at the moment, I’ve finally decided to spend a few nights working on a pitch deck for myself to validate the value proposition, and some high level wireframes to visualise the ideas.

Over the weekend I’ve put together a landing page to “market” my ideas. It’s a quick job, but the underlying thinking has been on the back of my mind for years now.

Introducing Focussist, or rather Focussist’s landing page:

Please check it out and give me your feedback, and don’t forget to sign up. ;)

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