Grace Chinelo

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Small gestures can have a significant impact on customer experience. By listening to customers, empowering employees, mapping customer journeys, monitoring impact, sharing successes, and budgeting for gestures, businesses can create lasting relationships with their customers. These gestures can range from personal touches like handwritten notes to proactive communication and extra-mile service. By focusing on authentic understanding and fulfilling customer needs, businesses can create a posi...
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Firing employees can be emotionally challenging for managers due to empathy for the employee, fear of emotional reactions, stress of confrontation, perception of failure, and legal risks. Creating a clear performance management culture, preparing thoroughly, showing empathy and respect, owning responsibility, and focusing on the future can help reduce severance stress. Managers can also alleviate stress by clarifying values, remembering their purpose, planning thoroughly, leaning on resource...
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Email overload is a common problem leading to stress and decreased productivity. To overcome it, evaluate your email habits, set up an email management system, master the 80/20 rule, declutter your inbox regularly, automate tasks, and aim for Inbox Zero. These steps can help you regain control over your email and work more efficiently.